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Content Marketing Specialist

Amy Pinack

Content Marketing Specialist

Amy, our Content Marketing Specialist, is a kind and compassionate communicator who loves connecting with people through her writing — and she’s excited that her role at Compass will allow her to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and make the world a better place.

Amy loves history, so she enrolled in Niagara College with the idea of becoming a museum curator — but she got caught up by the marketing bug and hasn’t looked back!

After receiving her diploma in History and Sociology from Niagara, Amy went on to Brock University, where she studied Media and Communications, ultimately becoming fascinated by consumer behavior.

While at Brock, Amy immersed herself in a variety of interesting topics, such as communication, storytelling, advertising and branding — and the insights she gained form her classes help her understand her client’s needs so she can write content that is informative, interesting and inspirational!

The highlight of her career thus far was working on a “cool” project designing and writing a pamphlet that went out to 1500 high school graduates, helping them choose a place to live while attending university or college.

When she’s not working you can find Amy poring over history books, painting, hiking or looking for new opportunities to learn.