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Graphic Designer

Elizabeth Mengia

Graphic Designer

As one of our graphic designers, Elizabeth adds the visual “wow” factor that help our clients inspire and captivate their customers.

A native of Niagara, Elizabeth always enjoyed art, photography and storytelling — and she’s always pushing herself to learn more. After receiving her diploma in digital photography, she enrolled in Niagara college and earned an advanced diploma for graphic design. Then she took a course in project management. And a few other courses on design and illustration...and she’s not likely to stop there!

She’s worked as an in-house graphic designer since 2017 while taking on additional freelance projects on the side. The first time she saw her work on a giant billboard “in the real world” it blew her mind — and she knew she had found her true passion.

She heard about Compass Creative at a Registered Graphic Designer meet-up with other designers, so when she saw the job posting, she jumped at the chance to work with us — she felt it would be the perfect opportunity to continue to grow as a designer while helping Compass’s clients achieve their goals.

Elizabeth is a self-proclaimed bookworm and can’t resist adding new books to her growing collection. Her hobbies reflect her passion — painting, illustration and photography. She has a natural curiosity about the world and loves to travel the world, camera in hand (there are only 31 countries left on her “bucket list”...)

When she finally relaxes, she can be found hanging out with her family and her Bernese Mountain dog, Myia.