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Account Manager

Sarah Farquharson

Account Manager

Sarah arrived at Compass Creative to much acclaim, helping us coordinate all manner of project management tasks.

Sarah is an innovator who merges creativity with structure and rigour. She has a unique set of skills developed over several busy years at World Vision Canada. She created that organization's first cross-functional agile team and took a leading role in design-thinking workshops.

In her words: "Nothing beats seeing a light turn on in someone's mind and watching something amazing come of it." We couldn't agree more. Helping to "de-mystify" branding and marketing for you — our clients — is one of our agency's goals.

Outside of work, Sarah is very involved in her community and church and loves hiking and playing soccer. Ask her what she does on the weekend, and she might tell you about a new way she’s found to make her household more sustainable and environmentally-friendly.

She and her husband Cam live in Hamilton and love craft beer, creating fun cocktails and cooking amazing meals at home. She says, “you only have so many meals in a day, gotta make 'em count!” Ain’t that the truth.

Since you’ve made it this far in the bio, we’ll tell you how to pronounce Sarah and Cam’s last name. It’s Far-ka-sen. Got it?