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Sherri Friesen


Sherri’s journey to Compass Creative was a long and winding one! Grab your popcorn...

Sherri was a good student, enjoying both the precision of accounting and the creativity of the arts. After high school she tried a semester of animation, then a course in art fundamentals at Sheridan in Oakville. She liked both, but something wasn’t write… er, right.

She decided to combine the two and took Advertising and Marketing at Mohawk College. That’s when the “writing switch” really flipped. But, life happened, and she soon found herself married with two sons after graduating college.

The next 30 years were spent working as a restaurant server. And that means she just “gets” people. She’s got an intuitive understanding of how people tick, what motivates them and what their pain points are from serving them for so long. (Plus, she’s super friendly and loves meeting people "in the flesh!”)

She knew she wanted to get back to marketing. In 2018, she took a leap of faith and joined the American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI) to study copywriting to help dust off her diploma. Soon she was writing emails for math tutors, online retailers and a company that sold parenting programs to overwhelmed moms.

Her favourite writing moment happened when one of her clients asked her to write a guide on how servers can increase their tips — right up her alley! She’s also attended more than a few conferences where she’s met and hung out with fellow copywriters (even the A-listers).

We’d say she has too many hobbies to name: cooking, baking, making teddy bears, making miniatures, painting, drawing, renovating houses, walking her dog (and her husband!)... the list goes on. She also has a dinner party business and occasionally caters events.

The question is… what can’t Sherri write about?