Dan Galenkamp · Compass Creative

Dan Galenkamp

Account Manager

Dan is Compass Creative’s resident wordsmith — chief crosser of T’s and dotter of I’s. With a bachelor’s degree in English and History, he’s been classically trained in the art of communication. He’s at his happiest reading, writing, copyediting, proofreading and generally thinking deeply, which means his job at Compass is a dream job — literally and figuratively!

While Dan knows how to flex his metaphorical muscles, he knows a bit about his other muscles, too. At the age of 11, he biked down to a local greenhouse operation to ask for a job. 15 years later and he’s still not sure if his thumbs will ever stop being green, the tractor grease will ever rub off his hands, or if the tan lines will ever truly disappear.

Since then, he’s found work at three different non-profits: two Christian development organizations and a university. In all of these roles, his tasks gradually gravitated towards writing and communicating.

At Compass, Dan identifies as a storyteller. He wants to learn about your story and brand so he can help you share it with audiences in creative, yet truthful, ways. He pairs his critical thinking and research skills with his keen eye for stories, allowing him to quickly grasp your mission and vision. After that, he develops engaging content that’s on point — and true to your organization’s story.

Outside of work, Dan loves to spend his free time with his wife, Jenessa, a professional wedding photographer, and their exceptionally fluffy cats, Penny Lane and Eleanor Rigby. If he’s not reading and writing at home, he’s probably out on the trails hiking with his wife… or attempting to brew his own beer.