Jeremy Hoover

UX & UI Designer

You may be wondering what a UX & UI Designer is. Frankly, it’s a role with a lot of responsibilities. But for the sake of this bio, it may be best to just think of Jeremy as our “web guy.”

Jeremy is a calm, steady presence of reason with a surprisingly sharp wit in an office full of large opinions and loud personalities. Truth be told, we don’t ever really know exactly what he’s thinking, he’s so quiet. So we treat him nice. Just in case.

After attending design school in Toronto, he spent seven years at a non-profit and also built up a freelance business in his spare time. Before he got too comfy doing that, we snagged him. What makes Jeremy such an asset is the bridge he’s built between the worlds of design and code. As our primary front-end web designer, he applies equal parts smooth design and a deep understanding of the user interface. In other words, he makes our websites look and function remarkably — on any device.

In Jeremy’s words, he “loves making life easy and fun for people online.” His focus is completely customer-centric — the end goal of every project he works on is directed towards the client and the end consumer. He’s a strong supporter of “device-agnostic design.” No, it’s not a worldview — it’s a design strategy that advocates for online content to be accessible to anyone and everyone, no matter the device. Ask him about it sometime. He’ll definitely oblige.

Jeremy lives in Stoney Creek with his wife Julia and their family. When he isn’t playing with pixels, he enjoys playing his bass guitar, gardening and listening to a variety of folk-style music that no one’s ever heard of (it’s just better that way).