Samantha Ludwig

Project Manager

Sam joined the Compass Creative team with much excitement. She came from a bustling real estate office in Orangeville where she worked for almost three years. Not insignificantly, Sam had also been a Compass superfan for some time. Facebook stats show that she liked everything we ever posted. She also didn’t wait for a job posting to come and introduce herself. Let that be a lesson, kids…

Sam completed her formal education from Sheridan’s Advertising & Marketing program in 2014. She worked and volunteered steadily, waiting for her opportunity to break into the business. We were more than happy to oblige.

As a group of (mostly) creatives, someone energetic and detail-oriented who can multitask, coordinate and just generally get things done around here is a huge asset. Towards the end of 2016, Sam made the switch to Project Manager after spending some time in Account Services.

When she’s not wrangling clients and creatives, Sam enjoys crafting and basically anything minty. She loves spending time with her two BFFs: her Greek-studying husband and Netflix (not necessarily together). Her idea of a good time is Sunday night dinners with her entire family, enjoying dad’s homemade pizza or lasagna. This makes us smile, as it aligns with two of Compass’s greatest values: family and pizza (again, not necessarily together).