Dear… (insert MP’s name),

I am writing you, as constituent of your riding and a member of the horticulture industry, to tell you about an initiative lead by Landscape Ontario, and supported by the Canadian Nursery Landscape Association and the Canadian Ornamental Horticulture Alliance.

This initiative is about presenting Canada’s first National Horticultural Exhibition to be called Flora Canada 2017, a four month event in 2017, in Ottawa. Flora Canada 2017 will be an opportunity to showcase Canada’s skills and achievements in horticulture. It will also provide a platform where the horticulture industry can conduct domestic and international business as well as bring attention to an industry that contributes to, and leverages, the many widely documented benefits of plants and landscaping.

Flora Canada encapsulates the dream of showcasing the diverse and extensive plant material that’s part of the Canadian landscape. Flora Canada will also be the catalyst for a National Botanical Garden that would showcase Canada’s breeder ornamental plant introductions and act as a backdrop for visitors to the capital and underscore the importance of ornamental Horticulture to our environment, our health and our landscape. In a time when many cities around the world are focusing on green living and learning how to create vital living green cities, Flora Canada 2017 will stand as the foundation for urban spaces that we all need and enjoy.

I am asking you to engage in the discussion and support the funding for Flora Canada, via the AgriMarketing program, to ensure that we get to showcase Canada’s tremendous horticulture industry to Canadians and the world.


Your name