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“Compass Creative took the time to understand our story and tell it clearly and professionally. Each piece of material Compass has designed for Gelderman is true to who we are and what we stand for.”

Nathan Helder

Gelderman Landscape Services 2017

Gelderman Landscape Services is a company with high standards in caring for people. In what they offer to both clients and employees, they’ve always sought to lead rather than follow. We’ve had the pleasure of working with them for over five years now, helping them build their brand and share their message over a wide range of mediums, attracting both new customers and talented people to grow their business.

  • Strategy: Position the firm around their core value of CARE to build a great team and a successful company.
  • Identity: A refresh for the longstanding and well-recognized logo.
  • Messaging: Telling a consistent story of a long history founded on taking care of people.
  • Website design: A site for two distinct markets, informing each of the services and type of team they are.
  • Photography: Putting all those beautiful completed projects to work on their website and in ads.
  • Vehicle graphics: A main “vehicle” for raising brand awareness for a landscaping company.
  • Ad campaigns: Magazine, direct mail and online campaigns reinforcing their caring, reliable nature.

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Jason Bouwman

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