Marketing and websites for Construction Companies

The landscaping, construction and home improvement industry is one in which trust comes hard. People have negative impressions about the ability of trades, contractors and subcontractors to deliver. We help our clients demonstrate credibility and create trust. We do this by aligning their organizations along a clear mission and vision, targeting their marketing at a defined audience and creatively conveying the truth about the great skills and value they bring to the market.

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Get so much more than a website!

The tendency of most clients is to want to jump right into designing their new website. While we appreciate their excitement to get going, our experience tells us that great design comes from great thinking. We call it "insight before website."

Insight before website Now, it's time for a website.

Our True North Process

Our clients describe our True North Process as one of our great strengths. Our process is driven by research, insight and strategic thinking. This holds true if we are doing a complete rebrand of a company, a product line or if we’re simply redesigning a brochure. We ask a lot of questions. We listen. We then translate deep insights into marketing strategies and creative communications that connect with our client’s audience and move them to action.

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True North Process

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Are we a good fit for you?

Life is too short to get stuck working with people who can’t help you (or you don’t particularly like). We place a HIGH value on fit, so before we get going on any project we make sure we can actually help our clients and that they’re totally comfortable with us. If you work in the landscaping, home improvement or home construction industry and are looking to grow your business, we may be a good fit for you. You never know, this may be the start of a long and healthy partnership.

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Why market yourself?

There is really only one reason to ever market your company: To let the people who need what you do know that you do it. If you have a light, what good would it do under a bucket? If you have a great story to tell, what good does it do to remain silent? If you can help people with a specific problem, what good is it if they don’t know that help exists. Our marketing services are designed to achieve results both with your customers and within your company.

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Within your company

  • • alignment
  • • energized staff
  • • better planning
  • • inspire confidence
  • • talent attracted
  • • focus

With your customers

  • • more leads
  • • better conversion rates
  • • positive word of mouth
  • • customer loyalty
  • • trust
  • • growth