Slotegraaf Construction Case Study


It’s always a special pleasure when a company comes to us preceded by an excellent reputation. Our job to renew their brand image becomes a process of revealing greatness, rather than labouring to unearth it. Slotegraaf was already a thriving company building and renovating homes, but was motivated to rebrand as a way to take their business to the next level.


In the planning phase, we repeatedly heard from Slotegraaf how essential scheduling and project completion was to them, and so we decided this brand promise – one that is highly valued by consumers – would inform their new identity. The Slotegraaf wordmark is clean and personable, with the “o” forming both a simplified clock and an approving checkmark.



The key messaging statement for the company strengthens this idea, but just as importantly inspires confidence that they have ability and integrity – jobs are done right. The tagline, “Built right. On time.” is a beautifully succinct statement, conveying the traits most valued by their customers.


Website Design

Slotegraaf wanted their potential customers to be able to find out about who Slotegraaf is and what can be expected with a Slotegraaf job, and of course to be inspired by their impressive work.

The website achieves these goals with content organized based on the interests and needs of the homeowner. There is a balance of information, visual interest and logical navigation. The clean design allows the rich photography to shine – an essential component for websites in this industry.


For an interesting read on the web development and branding process from Slotegraaf, you might like to visit their blog.

This was also an opportunity to get more involved in telling the Slotegraaf story. Website messaging conveys a company that thinks in terms of the homeowner: offering sound advice, sample home needs scenarios, informative blog articles, and generally joining them in their excitement about a new home. In the subject matter, the actual text and the overall tone we revealed a conscientious, accommodating, and highly-principled team.

Since its launch, the website has increased calls to Slotegraaf by an exponential amount and reviews from both clients and industry people have been very enthusiastic.

slotegraaf-website What did it look like before?


We designed their first ad campaign post-brand launch to introduce the look and “Built right. On time.” idea. The three-part campaign features the new colour scheme – very on-trend in current home décor – and takes the key idea a little further by conveying that projects built right and on time are par for the course with Slotegraaf.



Research shows that images of a company’s work are particularly important in the landscaping/home building industries. People regard photos as a kind of proof of a builder’s ability, but they also like to be inspired with ideas for their own home or property. So we created an extensive catalogue of photos of Slotegraaf’s completed work. The warm, inviting images worked well in their ad campaigns and website, and convey that Slotegraaf would be right at home in the most current design circles.


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