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Owner & President

Jason Bouwman, RGD

Owner & President

Jason is a perennial creative, endlessly dreaming up new ideas and giving shape to them on whiteboards, sketchbooks, iPads — and napkins if need be. He’s the visionary here at Compass, and that’s because of an uncanny ability to think and play with ideas, formulate his thoughts, and share them in a way that infects all those listening to come along for the ride. His personal philosophy to “live artfully” also sits at the heart of Compass Creative. It drives the passion our team has for doing great work for great clients.

Jason began his career as an illustrator and designer. His art has appeared in magazines, on packaging and on several commemorative coins released by the Royal Canadian Mint. His artistic merits are well established. But it was his love of ideas with an impact that brought him to marketing. In 2005, Jason founded Compass Creative with the goal of building a professional team that would deliver artful creative alongside business results.

Even with 25 years of experience as a creative professional, Jason’s career is ever buttressed and influenced by his upbringing in a blue-collar family. His first job saw him working in greenhouses at the age of 12. He put himself through college working alongside his brothers in the family construction businesses. He can operate heavy machinery, swing a hammer and finish concrete. At this point, the calluses have worn off, but the respect Jason has for those who work with their hands hasn’t. In its place is a special insight into the professional trades that he now helps promote.

Jason has too many interests for his own good but probably enjoys boating, sketching, painting, photographing and travelling the most. He is also an avid reader. He lives in rural West Lincoln, Ontario, with his wife, his three youngest children, six chickens, two cats, and a compact tractor.

In 2019, Jason passed his certification as a Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) through the Association of Registered Graphic Designers.