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Creative Director, Branding

Nick Tenhage, RGD

Creative Director, Branding

Nick comes to us as a graduate of Graphic Design, having completed a bachelor’s degree from York University/Sheridan College. We scooped him up from the mean streets of Toronto marketing and put him to work designing logos, brochures, ads, websites, vehicle graphics and a whole lot more.

Nick appreciates a clean and simple design style, which stems from a belief that the simplest and most basic solutions are usually the best. He applies that ethic far and wide here at Compass. He probably has the most variety in his job, working on projects of all shapes and sizes, internal and external, big and small.

Nick has a fantastically curious nature and an affinity for absorbing and playing with new ideas. This lends itself well to an organization attracted to the new like moths to a flame. We know he finds the work environment here stimulating and he certainly contributes to it himself. Among his best attributes are his great sense of humour, a fun attitude and his undying love for Coca-Cola Classic.

Nick’s curious nature has been known to get the better of him. In his “spare” time, he not-so-rarely bites off more than he can chew, adding a new hobby or commitment every week or so. We’re grateful to have his attention as much as we do. When not deep into his latest project, Nick also enjoys playing sports (hockey and soccer mostly), model shipbuilding and travelling.

He and his lovely wife Erin reside in St. Catharines with their three children.

In 2019, Nick passed his certification as a Registered Graphic Designer (RGD) through the Association of Registered Graphic Designers.