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Compass Creative, a Burlington-based brand design consultancy, is challenging clients to get real about marketing, branding and design. The tagline on their newly re-launched website reads simply “Let’s Get Real.” “We’ve noticed that many people have some serious misconceptions about branding and design,” says Compass principal Jason Bouwman. There is a prevailing notion that you can solve big issues simply by changing a logo or prettying up a brochure or re-skinning a website. Other tactics like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media have also become very popular recently. While there is no denying that these things can be an effective way to spread the word about your organization, Bouwman warns against putting technique ahead of substance.

Marketing, branding and design is about telling stories. Maybe it’s a story about cheapest price. Maybe it’s a story about social change. Maybe it’s a story of exclusive membership in an elite club. Rich, remarkable stories have the power to connect. To inspire. To move people. But there is a catch. To have lasting impact these stories have to be true and they need to be told to an audience that actually cares. Otherwise they are simply more noise, or worse, a lie.

Compass Creative believes looking remarkable starts with being remarkable. “Increasingly we see that it’s most effective to help people understand their story first, before we develop how to tell that story in a unique and memorable way. The real value of designers is their ability to empathize and connect with people at this level.” Bouwman suggests, “Without exception, organizations that are willing to start the process by looking within first are the ones that see the sustainable, long term results.”

“The reason we’re so sure of ourselves on this is because we’ve made the same mistakes ourselves,” says Jason. “For years our website showcased nothing but pictures of the gorgeous design we’ve done for our clients but nowhere did we tell the story about how our philosophy, thinking or process had an impact on the final solutions. Our new site showcases some of our best design work to date but it concentrates much more on the approach. The strategy. The hard work: thinking. This time we’re really out to prove to our customers that we’re not just another pretty face.


November 24, 2009

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