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Overcoming Stress and Chaos

Advice for Staying Calm, Cool and Collected During Busy Season

Following is a blog post by Jeffrey Scott a consultant who helps landscape business owners to fix, scale, or exit their businesses.

How do you stay calm, cool and collected during the busy season?

Do you have a system that works well for you?

I asked my best and highest performing clients this question, and the answers were eye opening in their consistency.

There is a common thread in what the best entrepreneurs do in both their personal lives and their approach to the business.

Here is a checklist to see how many of these best practices you follow to stay calm and collected, with some anecdotes below that elaborate the most important elements.

PERSONAL: Best Practices to Stay Calm and Collected

How many of these do you adhere to?

BUSINESS: Best Practices to Keep Organized, Proactive and Productive

How many of these do you adhere to?

Read the rest of Jeffrey’s post which includes best-practice anecdotes from his top clients on how to proactively overcome the stress and chaos of the busy season here

Written by Jeffrey Scott

April 13, 2021

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