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Brand Identity

You're speaking before you even say a word. Getting serious about your image will ensure that you attract and connect with the right people for your business. First impressions are made long before someone sits down to read your website. If you walk like a duck and quack like a duck, it’s best if you also look like a duck. One seriously impressive duck.

Find the right look and feel for your company — one that’s appropriate, connects with your market and instills pride for you and your staff. It’s key to creating a favourable first impression, building positive brand awareness and managing client expectations!

Our Process

Brand identity development is about helping you communicate visually. Graphics and images are simply another language to tell your story. These images include everything from your corporate logo(s), your business cards and stationery, to your product photography, vehicle graphics, uniforms and advertisements. Before a single dollar gets spent on printing or embroidery, we’ll build a library of both production-ready art files and conceptual graphics. These are then included in an informative style guide which illustrates how your “look” gets put together. We present this whole identity system to you in a meeting along with any final recommendations.


Deliverables include:

  • Mood boards
  • Sketches
  • Font and colour studies
  • Logo design
  • Logo variations
  • Logos saved in multiple file formats
  • Stationery design
  • E-signature design
  • Print collateral concepts
  • Vehicle graphics concepts
  • Signing concepts
  • Uniform concepts
  • Ad concepts
  • Style guide*

*The style guide is a mini instruction manual for implementing your visual identity consistently in the future. It includes directions on logo usage, choosing the right fonts and colours, as well as photos and illustrations. Layout templates are also included to help shape future communications.


3–4 weeks

Good design takes time. Allow 3–4 weeks including refinements.


$2,500 to $10,000

Our entire Identity package as outlined above is approximately $10,000. The final price largely depends on how many touchpoints are included in the style guide. This price represents a complete, new, custom identity package. Sometimes only a simple change or “refresh” is required. Updating an existing corporate logo starts at $2,500.

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