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Great images sell. Period. Show your work in the best light.

Photography & Video

Nothing sells your work like great photos! Inspire prospects with professional imagery that’s emotionally charged and see the difference that great quality photos make! Every photo is worth a thousand words. Yours should leave them speechless.

Put your best foot forward with professional imagery that casts you in the best light possible. The eye naturally gravitates to great images. Telling your story with inspiring images connects you with your audience in an immediate and powerful way. See the difference that professionally crafted images make.

Our process

Our process for photography/videography varies a little depending on the requirements, but generally we work with you to determine an ideal time(s) for the shoot(s). The dates are often in our clients’ busiest seasons, so it’s good to get these pre-booked so we can just take care of it when the time comes.

We’ll send a checklist for any pre-shoot preparations that need to be made onsite, and to get the necessary permissions.

We’ll arrive on the designated day, get set up and shoot the photos and/or video footage. Once back at the studio, we’ll adjust and edit images as necessary, then upload them for your viewing.

We archive and back-up all image files. We’ll get the selected images out “working” for you as arranged.


Great looking images that sell your work!


One shoot will usually produce:

  • 10–15 (minimum) high-quality images
  • 20–30 “catalogue” images


  • Raw video footage
  • Fully edited, finished video for use on websites, in corporate meetings, training sessions, etc.


1 week +

We can make a shoot happen quite quickly. The limiting factor is often site preparation. Once the shoot takes place, post-shoot editing and uploading of photography can happen within a week — for video, 2-3 weeks — depending on the project size.


Starting at $1,250


An on-site photography shoot taking approximately four hours starts at $1,250. This includes post-shoot editing, archiving and uploading of images for your viewing.


Footage can be included in the typical package price. Editing and final production are quoted separately on a project by project basis.

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Jason Bouwman

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Thankfully you don't have to pay by the word.

Contact Jason Bouwman at 289.656.1444 ext 11, or complete the form, to book a photo or video shoot. We want to see what it is that you do!