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Brand (planned) Promotion

Planning your marketing activities simply makes sense. Zero in on a target. Practice your aim. Fire when ready. Leave the “spray and pray” strategy behind forever and start making the most of your investment. Don't take shots in the dark. Plan for success.

With your foundational brand elements in place, marketing plans will focus on increasing awareness and engaging people with the brand. We develop extensive and detailed plans for our clients outlining the strategy, listing the goals and objectives, identifying the audience(s), spelling out the message(s) and specifying the channels, the tactics and the frequency of communication.

Our process

We specify and schedule between 12–18 months of activity, ideally coinciding with your fiscal year end. We collaborate with you on setting the objectives and appropriate budgets, and set time to review throughout the year. This allows our clients to consider marketing as part of their annual planning and budgeting process.


We’ll meet to present a plan for the next 12–18 months. The marketing plan includes our recommendations for the best strategies, channels, and tactics to meet your stated objectives. Each area is broken down with details, timelines and budgets.


2–3 weeks

We work in weeks and months, not in hours or days. A plan requires thought, collaboration and commitment.



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