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Connecting the dots...

Last week a group of very interesting people met at a bar in Hamilton. These people came from different backgrounds but were all interested in one thing: discussing the issues that are facing the trades in Canada. I considered myself privileged to be among them.

As I was shaking everyone’s hands and introducing myself, one of the guys, Josh, seemed very familiar. He offered me a firm handshake, coffee in hand (it was 9PM on a Tuesday) … but I couldn’t point what it was about him that was so familiar. Just a few moments later it came to me… Josh sounded like the voice of our latest video!

Some of you may have seen our most recent video; ‘Telling the Landscape Story’. If you haven’t, it’s a 40 second spot that plays a tribute to the landscape profession, and the people behind it, told in an earnest tone by an energetic narrator.

I awkwardly asked Josh if he had ever done voiceovers, and very quickly the dots began connecting. As it turns out, Josh is an avid promoter of the trades, a talented handyman, and during his spare time, he does indeed lend his voice for commercials and videos. And this included our video.

Josh in his studio's lounge, 2017

It’s a small world we live in, but I was very glad to get to know Josh a little and learn that the voice of our video doesn’t just sound authentic…it IS authentic. The man behind the voice is also fascinated by those who work with their hands to create and maintain beauty, while also tackling some of the most important issues our world faces today.

Written by Diego Lopez, RGD

February 22, 2017

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