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It all starts with knowing where you want to go.

Brand Discovery

Great design comes from great thinking. This step is not about us. It’s about you. Actually… it’s not about you either. It’s mostly about them (your customers). We don’t do anything without getting to know you better and understanding the unique value you bring to people's lives. Heck, once we go through this process maybe you'll even understand you.

During the Discovery phase we take an in-depth look at your company: What makes you tick. Who your customers are and what it is that you do for them. We’ll audit your current marketing plan — what works and what doesn’t — and then give you our observations, recommendations and suggestions for next steps.

Discovering who you are is essential for us — and for you. It may sound obvious, but our experience has shown us that the details and demands of clients’ day-to-day operations tend to obscure the big picture view and what really sets you apart from the rest.

When we take a little time to stop and think — to analyze where we’ve been and where we want to go, what has worked and what hasn’t… Well, let’s just say it makes the next steps a lot more obvious.

Our Process

Our process begins with a lengthy questionnaire, which every major stakeholder must contribute to. From there, we audit the brand and its competitors and then invite you back for a presentation and discussion of our findings.

Collaboration is a key part of this phase. We need your engagement throughout the entire Discovery process so that it’s your true identity that surfaces, and not an idea of our own making.


The number one result of the Discovery phase is clarity! Clarity of what’s needed and the path of action. More specifically, you’ll have:

  • Our observations, based on over 15 years in brand development.
  • A set of recommendations for next steps based on your own goals.
  • An understanding of the development costs.
  • A demystification of marketing in general.
  • An understanding of what we’re like to work with.

The Discovery phase is an opportunity for us to work together on a smaller project, rather than committing to a much larger scope of work right out of the gate. We believe we still need to earn your trust and we’re keen to prove ourselves.


3–4 weeks

This is work that requires in-depth analysis and thought — on both sides of the table — and that usually takes a little longer than first assumed. Time is needed for collaboration and then for the patterns and ideas to emerge, but it’s all to a set schedule so that everyone knows what to expect. Allow 3–4 weeks to finish.


Starting at $5,000

Our Discovery phase, a complete brand, marketing and website audit, is $5,000. Pricing for the research and analysis of additional, specific issues would be estimated separately.

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