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Plants Creative Landscapes

Discovering a deeper purpose

Plants Creative Landscapes opened its doors in 2005 to provide landscape services to clients in and around Decatur, Georgia. The business was doing okay, but by 2015 it had hit a wall. They originally came to us for a website but that soon turned into an exceptional process of self-discovery and growth.
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A journey of discovery

When Pam Dooley, owner of Plants Creative Landscapes, first came to us, she was looking to make her website easier for people to navigate, hoping to inject new life into her business. After a few conversations with us, she realized her company needed more than a website. It needed a change.

A lack of focus in their marketing was affecting their growth. They had fallen into the trap of accepting all new business rather than concentrating on the projects they were passionate about. We helped recentre their focus, aligned their team around their core beliefs and redefined their brand to stimulate growth.

An effective refresh

To better align with their offering we created a clean and attractive evolution of their logo and painted it with a vibrant and attractive visual system that was inspired by the beautiful garden work they provide for their clientele.


A strong local presence

To increase and improve Plants Creative’s exposure on-site and around town, we capitalized on their new identity by creating branded signage, employee clothing, vehicle wraps and other marketing materials.

Elevating the online experience

We redesigned their existing website using a more contemporary font, fresh colour scheme and fashion-inspired graphics to improve the user experience. Professional video and photography were added to showcase their stunning landscapes and helped attract, qualify and convert new leads.

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Seeing is believing

Professional photography was used to highlight the exceptional work they do. A series of customer-centric videos was created to showcase their work and the exceptional service they offer —straight from the mouths of past clientele.

Putting the customer first

Customer Experience Mapping provides valuable insights into the customer’s journey. With this new understanding, we helped eliminate customer pain points and elevate their overall experience with Plants, resulting in increased referrals and repeat customers — a win-win situation!

By providing helpful information in their blog postings and creating a consistent online presence, we helped position Plants as leading experts in their field. This increased their brand recognition and helped the Plants Creative brand stand out from the competition.

Building a team of professionals

A recruitment campaign that focused on their awesome culture helped them attract top talent to their team — something that proved vital when they expanded operations to a second location in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Revenue increased by 42%

The rebranding process gave them a strategy to move forward. Once they had a clear vision for the company they began to create a number of initiatives that they were passionate about — like the move to solar power, using robotic mowers and offering free landscaping services through their Neighborgood program — and saw their revenue soar 42% in the first two years.

Now, they understand who they are and who they serve… and are considered innovators in the landscaping industry.

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