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What Does Your Workplace Say About You?

Look around your yard or office and ask yourself: “If this were how I left a job site... would I be fired?”

Your workspace says a lot about you and your company. How your yard or offices look sends a message to every single visitor and employee that walks through the doors.

So what message are you sending?

If you’re keeping your workspace clean, there are two main “messages”…

These two messages are part of your brand. And by “brand,” we mean how your customer and your employees feel about your business. You can’t control feelings, but you can influence them. A clean, inspiring workplace can do wonders, especially if it’s consistently branded. Keep scrolling to learn how to brand your space.

The crisp, clean yard of our client Landscape America!

Five simple ways you can effectively “brand” your space

Here are five ways you can “brand” your workspace immediately without breaking the bank.

Want to take it up a notch? Consider a showroom.

One of the best things to do before making a big purchase is to try a product out first. That’s why everyone test drives cars before buying them. At Compass, we recently bought some new chairs for our board room, but we were able to “loan” one out for a week to see if we liked it.

The same goes for you landscapers and contractors out there. If you’re selling design to your clients, it’s nice to give them something more tangible than an iPad screen to look at. You’ve seen how some of the booths look at LO Congress — imagine showing your customers around a space like that. Whether it’s hardscaping, structures or a concept garden, giving your customers something to visualize can only be a good thing.

Some businesses who we’ve seen do the showroom model really well are The Deck Store, Cedar Springs Landscapes and Let’s Landscape Together. All three of these companies have designated areas to chat and show off their products to clients.

So next time you find yourself thinking someone else’s shop isn’t looking too clean, do a little introspection and ask yourself how yours is looking. A little TLC can go a long way!

If you’d like to chat about how you can “brand” your workspace, reach out to us. Let’s chat!

P. S. Our visit to Hidden Creek Landscaping

In August 2019, we visited Hidden Creek Landscaping in Columbus, Ohio, as part of Jeffrey Scott's "Design Build Growth Summit."

We have to say, these guys have an absolutely killer branded space. Check out the photos below!

Things we loved:

Kudos to the team at Hidden Creek!

Written by Dan Galenkamp

August 20, 2019

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