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Plants Creative Landscapes understands deeply that “landscaping is an emotional service that people get immense satisfaction from”. They focus intensely on the creative process and making people happy. The focus on people, relationships and design allows Plants Creative to have a positive impact on their clients, enhancing their properties and, more importantly, their lives. For our part, we helped Plants Creative Landscapes evolve their identity. Now, they reflect a keener sensitivity to design with the objective of appealing to and attracting clientele in the Atlanta area who value the level of luxury that Plants Creative Landscapes is capable of.

  • Strategy: Subtle changes to typography and colour pallete, clarify and simplify the marketing collateral and manage “consistency of voice” across various marketing channels and tactics.
  • Messaging: Put the customer first and speak to the deeper personal needs that Plants addresses through their design thinking.
  • Identity: A refresh of the existing concept including a more contemporary font, fresh colour scheme and a system of illustrative elements that can be used in various configurations.
  • Livery: We leveraged the identity system to increase and improve the brand’s exposure through its presence on site and around town (vehicles, site signage, employee clothing, etc.)
  • Website: Using fashion-inspired graphics to improve the user experience and lots of inspiring images to attract, qualify and convert leads.

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