Like many small, family-owned businesses Acorn delivered a ton of value to their clients and offered great service, but when it came to promoting themselves, let’s just say this little acorn was getting hidden under a pile of… mulch. Through our Brand Discovery process we were able to clear away the debris, clarify their message and even polish them up a little. They say big oaks from little acorns grow. We’re happy Acorn chose the path of growth. We’re excited to see where they’ll take things from here.

  • Strategy: Clarify Acorn’s message, dress them up professionally and communicate to both commercial clients and homeowners about the product offering online.
  • Identity: Take their graphic look up a notch in legibility, memorability and appeal. Their new logo expresses more accurately the size and professionalism of the company they are becoming.
  • Vehicles: One of the main touchpoints of a company that sells bulk materials is its fleet of delivery vehicles. Careful attention was paid to how the new logo would appear on trucks.
  • Website: Develop a product driven website to appeal to both commercial clients as well as the general public. The super clean and informative website includes super handy calculator tools to help clients order just the right amount of materials. Who doesn’t love it when their supplier helps them save money?

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