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Growing an industry.

Braun was originally a tree nursery, but as the company grew, so did their products and offerings. With two new sub-brands, their brand architecture had become more and more complex. And with that complexity, confusion started to creep in among their customers. A lack of marketing strategy and uncertainty about their differentiation compounded the issue.

From their beginnings as a tree nursery over 60 years ago, Braun has matured into a leader in the North American horticultural industry. While their tree-growing prowess is unmatched, it’s the company’s forward-thinking innovation that has led to the successful expansion of two new sub-brands: Wire Baskets and Garden Products. These sub-brands, when combined with the nursery, make up the whole of Braun Group.

Three brands. Unified.

First, the Compass team dug a little deeper into the different segments of Braun’s market share, uncovering unique stories for each sub-brand. With this new research, we developed targeted messages with Braun’s vision for a healthier, more vibrant horticultural industry at their core. Then we evolved the three already existing sub-brands into a more cohesive branded house, allowing each division to more easily leverage consumer goodwill.

With a strong marketing strategy in place and a unified message for all three brands, our designers got to work, creating new trade show banners, brochures, stationery, apparel and more!

Immersive and user-friendly websites.

Each of Braun’s existing websites was brought into much sharper focus as we created new sites for each sub-brand. All three offer an immersive user experience that allows customers to browse each brand’s extensive product catalogue. Try it for yourself!

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