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Cedar Springs Landscape Group 2016

Cedar Springs Landscape Group is a recognized leader in the Landscape profession in Southern Ontario, offering luxury resort-like environs to families who love to spend time outdoors. Company president Adrian Bartels attributes much of Cedar Springs’ growth to their investment in marketing and effective storytelling. We’re proud of our longstanding relationship with this brand and we’re nowhere near running out of things to say about them. Here’s the latest twist on the “Get Away, Every Day” campaign including a stunning lead-generating website, print ads, and high impact vehicle graphics. Stay tuned for new and exciting things to come…

  • Strategy: Refresh the ever popular “Get Away, Every Day” storyline to reinforce the brand’s position as the premier provider of resort-like landscapes and backyards and reflect the changing design trends evident in their work. Fashion-inspired typography and layouts reflect Cedar Springs sensitivity to design and responsiveness to current trends.
  • Identity: Several redesigns and updates over the years have kept them fresh and relevant with their audience.
  • Messaging: Artful, inspiring language communicates that Cedar Springs is far more than your average landscaping company. They are lifestyle experts.
  • Website design: As with the previous website, this site loaded with inspiring photos and images and features a highly informative budgeting tool which enables users to begin planning for a backyard resort of their own.
  • Photography: Inspiring, quality images that highlight the volume and quality of work that Cedar Springs does for its clientele each year.

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