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Edvance Christian Schools Association

Dedicated to promoting and advancing excellence in Christian schools, Edvance Christian Schools Association is a brand new industry association for Christian education. Their mission and vision are rooted in the idea that each Christian school student should have a holistic education — an education informed by a robust Christian worldview.

It’s a compelling story, but it was proving difficult for Edvance to simply and clearly tell it to their stakeholders. Compass was approached to help tell this story.

The result is a new unified brand with a single visual identity and a clear story. We’re proud of Edvance for having the courage to act and grateful for their professional representation of Christian educators.

How Compass helped…

  • Naming: Moved away from the initialization naming conventions that plague the non-profit sector, giving Edvance a new name that truly reflects its mission and vision — and the three organizations it consolidated.
  • Strategy: A comprehensive discovery and research process led to clarity on Edvance’s audience and a better understanding of how to position and communicate their new brand.
  • Clear message: Using the StoryBrand framework, we helped Edvance simplify and focus their story by addressing the specific issues facing their members.
  • Identity: Edvance’s exciting brand includes a vibrant colour palette, strong wordmark and triangular icons that can be arranged in a variety of ways. The triangles reflect the coming together of three former organizations to create Edvance. Always pointing upwards, they symbolize growth while also providing a subtle visual nod to the uppercase Alpha symbol.
  • Website design: A clean interface brimming with positive and exciting imagery.
  • Photography: Professional portraits were commissioned to represent a team with a wide variety of experience.

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