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Kalder Real-Time Performance Analytics

Refrigerators are expensive machines. Expensive to buy and expensive to operate. And in the competitive supermarket industry, they provide a massive opportunity for financial savings.

Kalder is a company that offers a suite of software that performs regular analytics on refrigeration systems — primarily for supermarkets. Their business helps supermarkets reduce their maintenance costs, reduce their energy costs and increase their equipment lifespan.

It’s clear that Kalder’s product provides incredible benefits to their customers — but these benefits were getting buried under technical language and jargon.

Compass brought the benefits back to the surface with…

  • Renaming: Developed a crisper, more memorable name — along with an accurate descriptor — to communicate more clearly with Kalder’s audience.
  • Strategy: Pinpointed the mission, vision and values of the young company.
  • Clear message: Concise language cuts through the clutter typically associated with technical products and services. Customer benefits and long-term success are emphasized over specifications.
  • Identity: Tech and analytics brands can be dull. A bright, geometric logo with a contemporary typeface speaks to Kalder’s energy, innovation and creativity — elevating the company above its competitors.
  • Website design: Brought everything together on a new website, with a clear story, inspiring design, an easy-to-navigate interface and compelling calls to action — driving qualified leads.

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