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Our Brand Discovery process helped the smart people at Klimer recognize that they are, above all, an innovation company. The company is led by incredibly creative people who love nothing better than throwing themselves into the work of solving big hairy complex engineering (and business) problems. The question “What’s possible?” gets them up in the morning and keeps them motivated all day. Unfortunately, none of this was being expressed in their brand identity or marketing collateral.

  • Strategy: Rearticulate the mission, vision and values in clear powerful written and graphic language to both inspire a commitment to excellence internally and communicate Klimer’s value proposition externally.
  • Identity: Clean, bold, credible, high-performance look that stacks up against all other leading, world-class equipment brands and improves visibility of the brand in the high profile locations that their equipment is used.
  • Messaging: We helped identify different types of buyers and then crafted messages which connected with them and spoke directly to their issues in language they would be familiar with.
  • Sales collateral: Here the focus was to declutter, prioritize the message and information while prompting action with clear calls to action. Consistent presentation builds trust. And you want to trust the company who built the platform you’re on when you’re on the outside of a building 100 feet off of the ground.

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