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Mission Thrift Store 2017

BFM Foundation Canada is an inspiring organization. In joint ministry with The Bible League of Canada, they operate 48 highly profitable thrift stores throughout Canada, where they manage to divert hundreds of thousands of kilos of goods from landfill sites. They offer quality used merchandise at affordable prices and they provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for many in our communities. But the greatest thing they do is bring hope to many people all around the world by making the life-giving, life-changing Word of God available and accessible.

We were thrilled to help them refine their story and re-imagine their graphic identity in support of their future growth plans.

  • Renaming: A more succinct and memorable name was needed for the stores.
  • Identity: We developed a versatile, impactful and evocative, energetic logo to connect primarily with a broader audience of budget-friendly shoppers.
  • Core messaging: A powerful brand story, tagline and other key messages help the many members think and speak about Mission Thrift Stores more clearly.
  • Organization-wide launch campaign: Strategic roll out the new brand via email, banners, signage and video.
  • Store signage: Ensuring consistent branding was crucial with 48 stores of all shapes and sizes.
  • Brochures and retail cards: To both create awareness and to assure customers and donors that the BFM mission is as strong as ever.
  • Internal communication pieces: To improve the information transfer — and conversation — between the various levels of the organization.

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