Niagara Christian Gleaners

Niagara Gleaners’ mission is simple: Turn surplus produce, otherwise headed for landfills, into packaged dried food meals. The results will be profound: Each year over one million pounds of food will be diverted from landfill; millions of meals will be served to people in need all around the world. And all of this will be done by an army of local volunteers who are grateful for a meaningful opportunity to serve.

Niagara Gleaners hopes to be operational by 2018. While they have secured a property in Smithville, Ontario, and have raised some money towards constructing a production facility, they still needed more help. We were more than happy to lend a hand and gave our entire team the following design challenge: Conceive, write, design and program a website within 24 hours.

  • Strategy: Our strategy was to focus on the impact story. Most people are aware that hunger is still a serious issue in the world. Few know how much can be done about it right here in our backyard.
  • Messaging: The messaging is designed to inspire our local community with the impressive numbers of what’s possible and then move them to support the mission via clear calls to action.
  • Website design: The website employs an exciting and fresh look focused on explaining what the Gleaners can do and how visitors can help. Visitors can learn more about Niagara Gleaners, make financial pledges, sign up to volunteer, or even donate.

See Website

Let’s get started.

Please let us know where we can reach you. One of our consultants will be in touch real soon.

If you’d like to begin immediately, feel free to call Ryan Mans at 289.656.1444 ext 16 or email him directly at [email protected].