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“The feedback [on our website] has been tremendous…everyone is thrilled with the results”

Andrew Wentworth

Wentworth Landscapes

Wentworth Landscapes is a company strongly committed to sharing the benefits for people to get out and enjoy the outdoors more. Their mission is to create spaces that encourage people to spend time outside because they truly believe it improves lives and communities. They are heavily invested in the Come Alive Outside movement. As we came to know the team’s friendly and altruistic nature, developing their brand to reflect that was a great pleasure.

  • Strategy: To share the message of the joys of outdoor living — and Wentworth’s ability to deliver beautiful, personal spaces.
  • Identity: A logo and colour palette that evokes nature, vibrancy and fun!
  • Messaging: Getting to the core of why they do what they do and why it matters.
  • Website design: A richly coloured, lively and very informative platform to tell visitors about what they do.
  • Sales collateral: A memorable and significant piece to leave with potential customers to show off their beautiful work.

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Jason Bouwman

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